Union Engineering & Supplies appreciates the fact that different couplings suit different applications, as a consequence they have many different supply partners including RENOLD and KTR.
Whether the application needs more flexibility, lower maintenance, high torque load protection, simple cost-effective performance or something else, UES can specify a coupling to suit the application.
The main types supplied are: –
• Tyre couplings
• HRC couplings
• Spider couplings
• Disc couplings
• Chain couplings
• Gear couplings

Sprag and roller-type one-way clutches – also called freewheels – are precision machine elements. They automatically lock the inner and outer members through a wedging action of the sprags or rollers, to transmit torque in one direction of rotation, and are completely free to rotate in the opposite direction.
UES can supply a range of standard clutches that meet a high proportion of all application requirements.